Q: Where are Rainbow Foameez made?
A: Rainbow Foameez are 100% Canadian made.

Q: How do you clean Rainbow Foameez?
A: Spot clean with water only and a damp cloth.

Q: How do you use Rainbow Foameez?
A: Rainbow Foameez are used for assisting you in Yoga practice.  Rainbow Foameez can be used to complement many styles of yoga practice and are used specifically with The Rainbow Foameez Yoga Method.  Rainbow Foameez spark imagination – kids love to use them as toy building blocks for forts, structures and imaginative play, and are great for kids yoga classes as well.  Please refer to the Demo page and Facebook page for live examples!

Q: What age is appropriate for using Rainbow Foameez?
A: Ages 3+: Rainbow Foameez should not be chewed or ingested.

Q: Do the Rainbow Foameez break?
A: The Rainbow Foameez should never break – be sure not to bite, chew, or pinch them!

Q: How do I know what color Rainbow Foameez I will receive?
A: Here at Rainbow Foameez we are environmental and use recycled materials only. Therefore, specific colors are not guaranteed nor can be requested. Whatever color is shipping at the time is the color you will receive. We continually update the shopping page with a picture of the color that is currently shipping.

Q: Are Rainbow Foameez Non-Toxic?
A: All Rainbow Foameez materials are manufactured and made right here in Toronto, Canada. Rainbow Foameez are safe; however, the minimum age requirement to use Rainbow Foameez is the age of 3: this product should not be chewed or ingested.

Q: Where are Rainbow Foameez made?
A: We are very proud to say that Rainbow Foameez are 100% made & manufactured in Canada.

Q: Are Rainbow Foameez an indoor and outdoor product?
A: Rainbow Foameez are designed for indoor use, only.  You can certainly use them outdoors; however, you run the risk of damaging the product.

Q: Can you use the Rainbow Foameez in a hot yoga class?
A: No, Rainbow Foameez are not intended for use during a hot yoga class.