Yoga studio prop by Rainbow Foameez

Rainbow Foameez were created by Susan Guddat in the Fall of 2014. Susan was a stay-at-home Mom, but decided that it was time to go back to work outside of the home. Being a Yoga Teacher of 17+ years, Susan decided to teach yoga again, with a focus on Restorative Yoga only, because of chronic pain, chronic fatigue and chronic stress issues Susan managed through Restorative Yoga and Meditation practice.  But Susan had a problem; how could she afford to teach Restorative Yoga, when the yoga props required were so expensive? And, how would she possibly be able to transport her yoga props to several, different, yoga studio locations? TaDahh!…Rainbow Foameez were born.

Toy Blocks by Rainbow Foameez

Kids love Rainbow Foameez, too…
Rainbow Foameez are a huge hit with kids.They can’t keep their hands off them! Foamy forts, structures, buildings, seats, cushions to jump on…Rainbow Foameez spark imagination. Since kids love Rainbow Foameez so much, they are great to use for kids yoga classes, family and couples yoga classes too.

Yoga Prop by Rainbow Foameez

Rainbow Foameez make yoga easy…
Let’s face it, some of us are not flexible enough to relax in some yoga poses. Rainbow Foameez are designed to help yoga students to support their body during yoga class, and they are perfect for Restorative Yoga in particular. Restorative Yoga focuses on stress relief and healing; accomplished through holding gentle yoga poses for up to 15 minutes. It is important to use bolsters and props to support the legs, arms, and back to help yoga students find complete rest and relaxation. Rainbow Foameez are the most comfortable and economical yoga prop on the market, and yoga students can easily carry them to and from the yoga studio.

Rainbow Foameez Stacking

Rainbow Foameez are perfect for yoga & pilates studios…
Rainbow Foameez do not require any special shelving — they stack easily, which makes them perfect for any yoga or pilates studio. Provide your yoga students with the most comfortable, affordable, and easy to clean yoga props on the market. Rainbow Foameez are designed to complement Restorative Yoga, Gentle Hatha, Yin Yoga, Gentle Pilates and Meditation practices.


susan graham guddat rainbow foameez

Susan Guddat, CEO+Owner:
Susan is a yoga practitioner of 20 years, and has been teaching yoga since 1998.  Having owned and operated yoga schools and studios for 18 years, Susan created and developed yoga teacher training certification programs and has trained many students to become certified yoga instructors.  Susan is certified in many styles of yoga: restorative yoga now her favourite and the only kind of yoga she practices.  Susan travels locally and globally as a Restorative Yoga Teacher specializing using Rainbow Foameez Soft Yoga Props.  Susan offers a once-a-year teacher teaching live at the At-Home Studio or livestream called The Rainbow Foameez Restorative Yoga MethodShe is married and a Mom to 10-year old twin boys.