Inclined Supported Spinal Twist

This is one of my lovely students that attends class in-person once a week.  Thank you Shawna!  Shawna is demonstrating a gentle inclined supported spinal twist using Rainbow Foameez Soft Restorative Yoga Props.  This is very simple and easy to setup;  place the Foamies in a T-Ramp position.  Simply place your low back at the bottom edge of the foamie and lie your back down on the ramp.  Extend both legs straight out first, then bend both legs, drawing knees up and placing feet on the floor. Gently drop knees over to the right side first – stay there for approximately 4 minutes. Follow along to the guided breathing technique I created for you – have a listen by clicking below.  Be sure to get comfy, setup into the supported twist, grab a blanket – cover up and breathe along…close your eyes, rest and relax. Simply switch sides half way through by lifting the knees up and over – hold pose for 4 minutes on this side too.  Keep following along to my voice and keep breathing. Namaste!…oh and please subscribe to the Rainbow Foameez YouTube Channel – thank you!