Meet The Team

susan graham guddat rainbow foameezSusan Guddat


Susan is a yoga practitioner of 22 years, and has been teaching yoga since 1998.  Having owned and operated yoga schools and studios for 18 years, Susan created and developed yoga teacher training certification programs and has trained many students to become certified yoga instructors.  Susan is certified in many styles of yoga: restorative yoga being her favourite. After experiencing several injuries along with chronic stress, chronic pain and chronic fatigue, Susan now specializes in teaching Restorative Yoga & Reiki workshops using Rainbow Foameez.  Susan travels locally and globally teaching The Rainbow Way:  The Rainbow Foameez Yoga Method & The Rainbow Relief System. She is married and a Mom to 9 year old twin boys.

ali headshotAlison Smith


Alison Smith, PhD, received her doctoral degree in neuroscience from the University of Waterloo, Canada. She is an award winning academic with several first author publications in leading academic journals. Her latest publication was featured on the cover of the September 2012 issue of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Alison loves to answer difficult questions, and you’ll find her most days knee deep into research on one subject or another. She has a burning passion for disseminating information about health and wellbeing. Before her academic career, Alison practiced as a registered massage therapist and athletic therapist.

Alison’s personal battle with chronic illness has compelled her to encourage others to revamp their health and to cultivate lasting happiness. She loves to inspire others to take charge of their health and to stop waiting for someone else to do it for them. Her motto: Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live Now.  Please visit

Version 2Sarah Townson

Senior Sales, Marketing and Teaching Executive

Sarah is a business and wellness professional with over 16 years experience working with businesses to develop and deliver innovative and award-winning solutions to their clientele. Her thirst for knowledge in health and wellness while a lifelong interest became a mission when in 2004 she met the challenge of being diagnosed with an auto-immune dis-ease. Today, as a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Business/Life Coach, Reiki Master and certified Yoga Teacher with over 300 hours of training and certification in a wide range of disciplines including: Rainbow Foameez Yoga, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal, Yoga Birth Method, Fertility Yoga, Kids Yoga, Chair Yoga and more, Sarah is passionate about helping women and their families of all ages live more vibrant lives. Sarah’s purpose in life is to help raise human consciousness and she does this by teaching others simple and effective self-healing and self-care practices that can be easily integrated into their everyday lives. When she’s not working on herself or with her partners and clients she directs her joyful focus to raising her red-haired, spirited youngster. For more visit and

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Sacha Thoman

Gentle and Rehabilitative Pilates Instructor

Sacha is a certified Pilates instructor of 7 + years, a certified yoga teacher, and a certified Bellies Inc. Rehab Specialist, specializing in Diastasis-recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. Through experiencing her own injuries, Sacha has come to deeply appreciate the rehabilitative and restorative aspects of Pilates.  Sacha is super passionate about women’s health and fitness, and believes that conscious movement connects us more deeply to ourselves, bringing more health, healing and joy to our lives.  In between Pilates classes and Rehab clients, Sacha conducts hoola hoop classes and is a Mom to two very active boys.



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Todd Guddat

Production Manager

Todd is the co-creator and Production Manager for Rainbow Foameez.  Todd has been in the logistics, production, distribution management industry for 25 years.  Todd is married to Susan, and together they reside in Brooklin, Ontario with their 9 year old twin boys.

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Pat Nyman

Pat, also known as ‘Auntie Pat’, is the creator of Rainbow Foameez Anti-bacterial Disinfectant Spray.  Pat is a long-time Yoga practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Herb/Essential Oil Expert.