Rainbow Foameez Workshop

Book a Rainbow Foameez 2-hour workshop in your yoga or pilates studio.

Each student will receive a 5-piece set of Rainbow Foameez to take home!

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In this 2-hour workshop you’ll experience yoga postures that support you in relaxation and restoration while using the 5-piece Rainbow Foameez yoga prop set.  The majority of the workshop is dedicated to Restorative Yoga practice and Reiki healing during which you will also experience the practice of Yoga Nidra and Meditation while supported with the Rainbow Foameez.

Let’s face it, some of us are not flexible enough to relax in some yoga poses. Rainbow Foameez are designed to help yoga students to support their body during yoga class, and they are perfect for Restorative Yoga in particular. Restorative Yoga focuses on stress relief and healing; accomplished through holding gentle yoga poses for up to 15 minutes. It is important to use bolsters and props to support the legs, arms, and back to help yoga students find complete rest and relaxation. Rainbow Foameez are the most comfortable and economical yoga prop on the market, and yoga students can easily carry them to and from the yoga studio.

During the last 15 minutes of the workshop, students learn how versatile the Rainbow Foameez yoga props are by experimenting with other classic yoga styles and postures that the Rainbow Foameez are great to use with; not just for Restorative! The cost of the workshop includes your own 5-piece Rainbow Foameez set to bring home with you.


“Susan’s Restorative Yoga and Reiki classes are simply amazing! Having started just a few months back, I don’t want to miss my weekly class and whenever possible attend two classes per week. Susan offers soft spoken instruction throughout, moving us through extended, yet relaxing poses and meditative breathing techniques making this class the perfect compliment to my active Pilates workouts and helping me to maintain and even gain flexibility. Her Rainbow Foameez product and method provides comfortable support and allows for easy transition into more complex poses. Reiki is offered to help where needed, be it a chronic injury, strain or simply an improved state of mind. I’ve been amazed to feel the immediate benefits from her Reiki energy through reduced back pain and an immediate reduction in Vertigo symptoms. I leave each class feeling relaxed, strong and centred and have seen a definite improvement in my posture, flexibility and sleep patterns.”

Lesley McIlwaine